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Knee arthroplasty

Profile : Professor Emmanuel Thienpont

Head of the Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc's Knee Surgery Unit
Professor at Université catholique de Louvain (UCL)

Career path

  • Graduated in medicine from KU Leuven in 1995
  • Specialist diploma in orthopaedic surgery from KU Leuven in 2001
  • Head of Orthopaedic Surgery at Brussels French Hospital, 2005-2008
  • MBA at Louvain School of Management, 2010

Clinical activities

Professor Thienpont specialises in knee arthroplasty. His key areas of scientific interest include placement of resurfacing prostheses (uni or bicompartmental), the study and development of patient-matched knee implants (PMI) and patient-specific instrumentation (PSI), pain management and haemorrhage prevention in full knee replacements and recovery of dysfunctional or painful knee prostheses.

Societies and scientific publication

Professor Thienpont has published some sixty articles in various international medical journals.

He is a member of the board of directors of:

  • the European Knee Society (EKS);
  • the Belgian Knee Society (BKS); 
  • Orthopaedics Today.

He is also a member of the American Knee Society and the AAOS.

Languages spoken

Dutch – French – English

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Knee arthroplasty

International patients: