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Reconstructive and plastic surgery

Profile : Professor Benoît Lengelé

Head of Saint-Luc University Clinics Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Career path

  • Degree in Medicine from Louvain Catholic University (UCL), 1987
  • Specialist diploma in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery (UCL), 1994
  • Advanced training in reconstructive and maxillofacial microsurgery in Amiens (with Professor Devauchelle)
  • Head of Department since 2012

Clinical activities

Professor Lengelé works mainly in reconstructive surgery and microsurgery in the field of cancer. He is recognised as a pioneer of regenerative surgery and the bioengineering of composite tissue grafts (face and hand). In 2005, he jointly carried out the first face transplant. As a result of this world first, he received a number of awards both in Belgium and abroad.

Societies and scientific publications

Professor Lengelé has published over 115 articles in the major scientific journals. He is an active or honorary member of several scientific societies including the Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine, the National Academy of Surgery (Paris) and the Royal College of Surgeons (London).

Languages spoken

French - Dutch – English

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Reconstructive and plastic surgery

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