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Stem cell transplants

Profile : Professor Etienne Sokal

Head of the Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc's Paediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology Department.
Director of the Paediatric Clinical Research Centre at Université catholique de Louvain and of the Paediatric Research Laboratory (Institute of Experimental and Clinical Research)
Professor at Université catholique de Louvain (UCL)

Career path

  • Graduated in medicine from Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) in 1983
  • Trained in paediatrics at UCL, graduating in 1989
  • Trained in paediatric hepatology at King’s College Hospital, London
  • Doctorate in paediatric hepatology, 1993

Clinical activities

Professor Sokal specialises in liver disease in children. His key areas of scientific interest include (metabolic) orphan diseases and cell therapy. In 2009, he founded Promethera Biosciences, a UCL spin-off specialising in regenerative liver therapy by means of hepatic stem cells.

Societies and scientific publication

Professor Sokal is a member of the Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine and of numerous national and international scientific societies. He has published close to 300 articles in national and international medical journals.

Languages spoken

French – English – Dutch – Italian

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Stem cell transplants

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